Dhananjay Jagannathan
Dhananjay Jagannathan

BA (Texas) MSt (Oxon) MPhil (Cantab) AM (Chicago)

I'm a fourth year PhD student in the Department of Philosophy and the Joint Program in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy at the University of Chicago. I am presently at work on a dissertation entitled "The Labors of Wisdom", on the nature and acquisition of practical wisdom (φρόνησις) in Aristotle's ethics and politics, under the supervision of Martha Nussbaum and Gabriel Lear. My research interests include ancient philosophy, ethics (especially virtue ethics), moral psychology, political philosophy, and philosophy and literature. I studied ancient philosophy in Oxford and Cambridge on a Marshall Scholarship and have held a Beinecke Scholarship for graduate study in the humanities.

Descriptions of my research projects are under work. I write about ancient philosophy from time to time, along with former colleagues of mine at Cambridge, at Blogistikon, and maintain a profile on Academia.edu.

Department of Philosophy, University of Chicago
1115 E. 58th St., Chicago, IL 60615